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Who are the VSI Alliance?

Supporting the Calderdale voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

Third sector. Registered Charity. Community Interest Company (CIC). Funding bids. Voluntary & Community sector (VCS). Safeguarding. Policies & Procedures.  Social Enterprise. Governance. Charitable Incorporate Organisation (CIO). Constitution. Annual Return. Volunteering. Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE). Tenders.

Information overload?  Thought so.

That’s where we come in.  The VSI Alliance is here to support the Calderdale voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE), big or small, new or established. 

We are here to demystify all the jargon and technical terms.  We are here to support your organisation with all the formalities of running an organisation.  We are here to reassure and answer those niggling questions that pop into your head. 

We are a local partnership between six organisations all committed to ensuring the Calderdale VCSE sector is represented, supported and celebrated.  Throughout your organisation’s journey, whether a brand new set-up or firmly established in the local community, the VSI Alliance can offer you support, resources and guidance every step of the way.  Nearly all of our services* are free to use and you will have access to the VSI Alliance team who are all experts in different areas of running and growing a VCSE organisation.

*There is a small cost applied to our training courses.

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Strengthening the Calderdale VCSE sector

Here in Calderdale, the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) is an integral part of the local landscape and its hard work and dedication definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.  This is why the VSI Alliance was first set up.  The Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Alliance – or VSI Alliance for short – was set up to support and strengthen the Calderdale VCSE sector. 

The VSI Alliance is a unique model of partnership working in the UK.  With four voluntary & community sector support organisations and two public sector bodies working together, The VSI Alliance is able to delivers a robust and knowledgeable service to its organisations.

Vital support since 2018

Since its set up in 2018, The VSI Alliance has provided tailored support to Calderdale organisations around the following:

  • Organisational development support
  • Social enterprise, business development and asset transfer
  • Governance
  • All aspects of establishing a new group or organisation
  • Quality assurance including Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing
  • Safeguarding support
  • Fundraising and income generation
  • Partnership working
  • Specialist financial advice and services
  • Volunteer matching and development
  • Engagement Champions
  • Voice and representation of the VCSE sector

The VSI Alliance is made up of:

  • Voluntary & Community (VAC)
  • North Bank Forum (NBF)
  • West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service (WYCAS)
  • Locality
  • West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)
  • Calderdale Council