Volunteer Management

Managing volunteers does not necessarily require any specialist knowledge. All you need is a bit of common sense, an openness to asking for advice (from the right sources) and the ability to put yourself in the position of a volunteer and ask yourself how you would like to be treated.

The ongoing process of involving volunteers in your organisation includes:

  • Reminding yourself what motivates people to volunteer

  • Having clear descriptions for each of your volunteer roles

  • Having a good and clearly defined induction process that each of your volunteers has to complete

  • Involving your volunteering in planning, especially about aspects of the organisation that directly impact on them

  • And having good positive buy-in from each person in your organisation about the value that volunteers bring.


The VSIA can help with every aspect of involving volunteers in your organisation – whether you’ve got a couple of people who help when they can or a several hundred that have set roles and timetables. From recruitment to induction, to policies and procedures, we can offer advice and guidance from experienced and passionate staff who understand the joys (and challenges) of working with volunteers.


Feel free to drop the Volunteer Team a line by emailing info@vsialliance.org.uk and put VOLUNTEERING in the subject line.