Transforming Conversations on Addiction and Criminal Justice - Cost Free

Wednesday 10th August, 12pm 

Peter Atherton is the Founder and CEO of Community Led Initiatives (CLI), an incredible social enterprise that is taking concepts of service co-production and lived experience and taking them to the next level.

Peter spent most of his life in and out of the care system and prisons with problems around drugs and mental ill-health being a constant factor in his day-to-day life. We’ll be speaking to him about his story and how he used his own experience of recovery to set up a social enterprise which is transforming the lives of people who often see no way out of the situations they find themselves in.

CLI runs a series of programmes all run by people with experiences of the issues faced by the people they support. From one-to-one mentoring and peer support programmes for people on probation in Greater Manchester to running drug and alcohol addiction recovery services in Bedfordshire, CLI delivers services built on a genuine co-production with the people it helps, sharing experiences and re-connecting people to a community of care and support. It looks to break down barriers to work and help people realise that they are more than their pasts.

Join us for what will be a brilliant, moving, and engaging discussion where we shall talk more about CLI’s work, the barriers society creates, how we need to reframe conversations around criminality and addiction and the dangers of the “professionalisation of lived experience”.