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With your permission, the information you provide in this registration form will be securely stored and used for the following purposes:

1. For the distribution of updates, newsletter, briefing papers, consultations, events, news and other information by the VSI Alliance and partner/member organisations, to the main organisation's contact details.

2. For inclusion, where relevant, in the VSI Alliance publicity materials (online and hard copy) and the VSI Alliance’s organisational monitoring and reports to funders.

3. To support the work of the VSI Alliance in maintaining contact with your organisation and allowing referrals to your organisation as appropriate.

Please note that

1. The intention is to store your group information on a secure, electronic CRM system. 

2. The personal data held on the CRM system will not be passed on as a mailing list to other agencies.

3. The personal data held will not be used for marketing or fundraising, beyond the activities outlined above.

4. However, your contact details (organisation, address and phone number/e-mail) may be passed to individuals, partners and member organisations where relevant (e.g. when an individual or member organisation requires access to your services).

5. If you opt in below but wish to withhold particular information such as a personal address from the public domain, please contact the VSI Alliance or tick the WITHHOLD box on this registration form.

6. By ticking one of the boxes below, you are opting in or out to the purposes outlined adjacent to the consent box. If you do opt in, you can opt out at any time by e-mailing, ringing 01422 438722 or using the unsubscribe function on any of our communications.

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