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Multiply Ambassador Training funded by WYCA

Multiply Ambassador Training is training for public facing staff within West Yorkshire. As a Multiply Ambassador you will receive training to become positive numeracy ambassadors, have effective conversations around numeracy/maths, create a positive culture and messaging around maths, avoiding negative connotations with the subject when advising potential learners, and upskilling your knowledge and awareness to signpost to the correct programme for your customers. 

Ambassadors will act as intermediaries who engage with the target audience and signpost them to further learning and support with improving numeracy skills, breaking barriers, and building confidence.

The training can be a one-day session or broken into two half day sessions or even broken down further and stretched out over 6 weeks.


The overall aim of the Ambassador program is to provide ambassadors with the right knowledge, skills and equipment needed to better support West Yorkshire residents with their Mathematical anxieties (We do not teach Maths on this course).  Following the training Ambassadors will join the official Numeracy Ambassadors network which hosts regular greet and meet events as well as keeps them up to date with everything math related within West Yorkshire. A pack will be sent out to all Ambassadors, arming them with the right equipment to have a real impact on those people in real need.West Yorkshire Combined Authority

For every attendee to the training Realise will pay £100 for the time they would usually be working.

This course is available for both paid employees and volunteers.

The course is funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority.