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Volunteering Opportunity: Local Newshound at Todmorden Talking Newspapers

  • Type of Activity:
    Advice information and support, Marketing, media and communications, Technology and the internet
  • Cause / Interest:
    Art and culture, Disability
  • Geographical Area(s):
    Todmorden, Walsden, Cornholme
  • Opportunity Type:
  • Volunteer Commitment:
    Long term (Commitment of at least 6 months expected)
  • Skills Required:
    Creative, Interpersonal skills, Listening and communication, Literacy, Office IT
  • Skills To Gain:
    Interpersonal skills, Listening and communication, Office IT, Problem solving, Reviewing and evaluation

What Could Someone Gain From This Role?

This is a unique role which requires someone with an interest and an enthusiasm in local issues and stories and making them accessible to Todmorden residents with sign impairment. You can gain technical skills as well as have an experience of local journalism and reviewing which stories matter to a group of residents who have limited access to other local news sources.

Requirements and Benefits

There is no age limit but it does require someone who has literacy and IT skills and is prepared to work with an existing group of volunteers, who can interview people in order to bring local stories to life. The committee meet quarterly and recordings take place monthly.

Age / Gender Restrictions



Roomfield Baptist Church is fully accessible