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Volunteering Opportunity: Scout Group Trustee at 18th Hebden Bridge Scout Group

  • Type of Activity:
    Trusteeship and committees
  • Cause / Interest:
    Children, Youth
  • Geographical Area(s):
    Hebden Bridge locations
  • Times for the Opportunity:
  • Opportunity Type:
  • Skills Required:
    Leadership, Listening and communication, Literacy, Negotiation and influencing, Office IT, Planning and organising, Reviewing and evaluation, Teamwork
  • Skills To Gain:
    Negotiation and influencing, Planning and organising, Problem solving, Reviewing and evaluation

More Details About This Role

The 18th Hebden Bridge Scout Group is a youth group and educational charity. A Trustee Board oversees finance for our group and takes responsibility for compliance with safeguarding, safety, GDPR, and other relevant legislation and Scout policies. A group leadership team manages day to day operations, setting and running a programme that develops young people’s skills and confidence, teaches them practical outdoor skills, and prepares them to be responsible citizens. We work within a federated structure with other Scout groups across the UK. We serve young people from ages six to 15 and will be expanding our offering to include ages four and older.
Key areas for which the Trustee Board is responsible for supporting local Scouting:
1. Following the Rules of the organisation
2. Insuring people, property and equipment
3. Managing the money
4. Fundraising, recruitment and any other support needed, so that Scouting can operate
5. Providing Scouting safely
6. Connecting Scouting with the local community and supporting it to grow
7. Involving young people in decision making
8. Meeting the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) requirements for local Scouts

What Could Someone Gain From This Role?

You will be helping to develop a generation of confident, resourceful citizens who are engaged with their local community. Being a trustee is one of the most powerful ways of giving back to your local community and businesses and employers are increasingly taking volunteer roles seriously. Becoming a trustee is one of the most effective ways of professional development.

Requirements and Benefits

Age / Gender Restrictions



We will make any necessary adjustments in order to welcome all volunteers.