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Volunteering Opportunity: Handy Helpers at VSI Alliance-Calderdale Volunteers

  • Type of Activity:
    Events and stewarding, General and helping, Group volunteering
  • Geographical Area(s):
    Opportunities across Calderdale
  • Times for the Opportunity:
  • Opportunity Type:
  • Volunteer Commitment:
    Short term (Less than one month)
  • Skills Required:
    Interpersonal skills, Practical, Teamwork
  • Skills To Gain:
    Interpersonal skills, Leadership, Planning and organising, Practical, Teamwork
  • Additional / Specific Suitability:
    Doing with a friend, Older People, University students, Employee volunteering, Those looking for work

More Details About This Role

Each role and the details of where to go and when is posted on an app called VolunteerO. You will be sent details when you have completed your training. You can also receive updates via email or text.

What Could Someone Gain From This Role?

Volunteering with flexibility, variety and no long-term commitment but lots of opportunities to give back, develop and access training.

Hub Volunteers are people who want to help their community but can't commit regularly. Through volunteering for the Hub you can still help when your other commitments allow. This enables you to get to know different organisations and what they do, and find out whether regular volunteering is for you.

Requirements and Benefits

Do you want to volunteer locally but you are not able commit to the same amount of time each week?
Micro-volunteering enables people who have time, work, caring or other commitments to volunteer by completing volunteer tasks that contribute to a larger cause. This could be helping for a few hours on a weekend at a charity ball or doing some research in the evening.

Age / Gender Restrictions



Directions are provided for each opportunity


There are opportunities available for people with different needs, and we encourage groups and organisations to make opportunities as accessible as possible, but it does vary.