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Volunteering Opportunity: Drivers Needed especially in Todmorden at Calderdale Community Transport

  • Type of Activity:
  • Cause / Interest:
    Disability, Emergency services and safety, Older people
  • Geographical Area(s):
    CTC’s Volunteer Car Service is looking for volunteer drivers in Calderdale, especially the Todmorden and Hebden Bridge areas.
  • Times for the Opportunity:
  • Opportunity Type:
  • Volunteer Commitment:
    Long term (Commitment of at least 6 months expected)
  • Skills Required:
    Listening and communication
  • Skills To Gain:
    Interpersonal skills
  • Additional / Specific Suitability:
    Young People (16-25), Doing with a friend, Older People, Those looking for work

More Details About This Role

Community Transport Calderdale provides transport for people in Calderdale and Kirklees who have trouble accessing other forms of transport for reasons of ill health, disability, lack of public transport or poverty.

Our service helps people overcome isolation and social exclusion by giving them the chance to get out of their home for things such as hairdressing appointments, luncheon clubs, day centers and social events. We also help in practical ways, providing transport to the shops, health appointments or classes at the gym.

As a volunteer you can chose which days and times you're available, which routes you're happy to travel, and which ones you'd rather not.

Without our volunteers, many isolated people, including those in poor health, would significantly struggle to get to where they need or want to be. Buses are fine, but if a person struggles with their mobility or confidence, getting on a bus can be such a daunting thing. And sometimes, there are appointments or events that would require 2 or more bus journeys - and so people might not go, and then becoming more isolated or possibly ill.
However, a friendly and dependable volunteer who arrives at their door, in a warm clean car and offers to drive them to their appointment and then drive them home at the end, makes all the difference to so many people.

What Could Someone Gain From This Role?

Helping someone, who might be isolated and perhaps have mobility issues, attend an appointment or social event is a wonderful and empowering thing to do.

You would be helping reduce isolation and loneliness for some of our older residents.
You would be helping those with health needs and disabilities make their journeys to hospital so much easier and stress-free.
You would be helping people maintain friendships and support networks that improve their mental health.

And you'd be doing it from the comfort of your own car!

Requirements and Benefits

You will need a car, with an up-to-date MOT, fully insured and taxed.
We also require volunteers to undertake a DBS check before starting to support people.
A mileage charge is payable to the volunteer by your passenger to cover wear & tear plus fuel usage.

When we first meet with potential volunteers, we will have an informal chat to go through the role and what’s involved. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and you will have a named contact once you've started with us... So if anything unexpected arises, you've got someone on the end of the phone to talk to.

What about Covid?
We have guidance and measures in place that we expect volunteers and clients to follow in order to keep any risks to a very low level.