Opportunity: Finance Director

Organisation Name: Calderdale Industrial Museum

Organisation Name: Calderdale Industrial Museum
Phone: 01422 384 721
Cause/Interest: Heritage, Museums and libraries
Listing End Date:
Skill Required: Numeracy
Type Of Activity: Finance and accountancy, Trusteeship and committees
Additional/Specific Suitability: Older People, Those looking for work
Age/Gender Restrictions:
Opportunity Type: Virtual/Remote
Requirements And Benefits: Requirements of Role Holder
• Willing and able to commit the time required to fulfil the role of Finance Director,
Company Secretary (if undertaking that role) and as a Board Director. This will typically be
no less than 4 days per month
• Have integrity, strategic vision and good/independent judgement
• Have an eye for detail
• Have a working knowledge of financial management, accounting practices and the
requirements of Company law
• Understand the nature and requirements of good governance and show due diligence in its
• Be a good team player able to communicate effectively and work with other Board
members (in particular the Operations and Funding Directors) and coordinate staff and
volunteers involved in supporting the management of the company’s financial and
regulatory affairs
• Be a chartered accountant or have other professional accounting qualification(s)
• Experience of working in museums and heritage (this can include working as a volunteer)
• An interest in industry
Skill Required: Numeracy
Skills To Gain: Numeracy
Times For The Opportunity: Any
What Could Someone Gain From This Role?: the Finance Director is responsible to the Board for executing the effective control of
CIMA’s finances by ensuring that they are managed in accordance with CIMA’s policies and
procedures. The responsibilities of the Finance Director can also include the role of Company
Secretary as being responsible for ensuring that adequate policies, processes and reporting are in
place to meet the requirements of statutory and regulatory bodies.
Key Roles
The Finance Director’s key responsibilities are:-
• Accounting Processes & Systems – Ensure processes and systems are fit for purpose,
secure from fraudulent activity, configured appropriately, fully documented and that
personnel involved in their use are trained as required. Ensure VAT, Income Tax, NI and
Gift Aid are processed and reported to HMRC in a full and compliant manner. Further
develop processes and systems to meet the on-going financial administrative requirements
of the business
• Accounts Management – Ensure the company accounts are kept up to date with the
recording of all financial transactions and associated processing
• Financial Reporting – Prepare and disseminate Financial reports to the Board
• Payroll – Ensure employed staff are paid and management and reporting of NI, Tax and
Pension contributions is conducted as required
• Budget Management & Reporting – Coordinate and record functional budgets and
consolidate and report as required against income and expenditure targets
• Annual Accounts & Financial Compliance – Prepare and report on Annual accounts in line
with the requirements of the Board, shareholders, Companies House, the Charity
Commission and the Arts Council
• Financial Audit – Ensure an independent inspection of the Accounts is conducted at least
once a year and action and implement any agreed actions raised by the Auditors
• Stocktaking – Ensure regular stock takes are executed and reported on in respect of shop
and catering stock