Opportunity: Online feedback collector

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Organisation Name: Healthwatch Calderdale
Phone: 01924 450379
Cause/Interest: Health and social care
Listing End Date:
Skill Required: Office IT, Reviewing and evaluation
Type Of Activity: Advice information and support, Technology and the internet
Additional/Specific Suitability:
Age/Gender Restrictions: All volunteers involved will be expected to:
• Adhere to Healthwatch Kirklees/Calderdale values, policies and procedures
• Listen to and encourage others to share their views
• Share information, ideas and learning openly
• Be willing to undertake training and develop knowledge/understanding
• Demonstrate commitment to inclusivity and valuing diversity
Geographical Area(s): Calderdale
Opportunity Type: Virtual/Remote
Requirements And Benefits: Is this the right role for me?
• Do you have the following personal qualities, skills and computer access?
• Be non-judgemental
• Be committed to the vision of making positive changes to health and
social care services
• Experience of using Microsoft Office, including Word
• Be able to work with a wide range of people from different backgrounds
• Be comfortable volunteering from home
• Good research skills
• Access to the internet/email
• Able to use your own initiative but comfortable in asking for help when
• Respectful of confidentiality and be able to deal with confidential
information sensitively and appropriately

How much time is involved?
Our volunteering roles are flexible and fit around your schedule. We will always
work closely with you to ensure your volunteering role fits with your other personal
and social commitments.
Skill Required: Office IT, Reviewing and evaluation
Skills To Gain: Negotiation and influencing, Office IT
Times For The Opportunity: Any
What Could Someone Gain From This Role?: What is an online Feedback collector?
As an online feedback collector, your role will be to collect feedback about
people’s experiences of health and social care services that has been left online.
Why should you be a Healthwatch Online feedback collector?
There is a huge amount of information on the internet and social media about
people’s experiences and views of health and social care services. You can help us
collect this information to inform our work at Healthwatch Kirklees and
Healthwatch Calderdale to help inform the changes health and care services can
make to improve care for all.
From Facebook groups to more official forms of feedback run by organisations,
such as local charities and community groups, there are a variety of places online
where people leave their reviews and experiences about the care they receive.
With the data being vast and ever-changing, we need volunteers to help us collect
information to help identify gaps or issues in the care being provided to people in
Kirklees and Calderdale.
About Healthwatch Kirklees and Healthwatch Calderdale
Healthwatch Kirklees and Calderdale are committed to trying to make changes to
health and social care services that reflect the needs of the people in the local
community. In order to do that, we establish projects looking in to the key concerns
and issues that have been reported to us by the general public. We need the
assistance of volunteers to make sure we are finding out as much about the public’s
opinion as we can. We need volunteers to go out in to their communities and talk to
their family and friends to gather feedback, positive and negative, about health and
social care services.
This will help Healthwatch Kirklees/Calderdale to have greater reach and a better
understanding of the important problems across services in these areas, so we can
commit our time to doing the work on the issues that really matter to the people of
Kirklees and Calderdale