Grants to Organisations Women’s Sector Resilience Fund Phase 2

What is the fund?

The Women’s Sector Resilience Fund Phase 2, is a £2.1m fund to support local networks of organi­sations working with and for women to make change to systems that cause women’s poverty in their area. It is a place-based approach to systems change that is open to networks in and around the following areas:

Birmingham, Manchester including Greater Manchester, Bristol, Middlesbrough / Teesside, Kingston upon Hull, Newcastle, Liverpool / Merseyside and West Yorkshire including Bradford and Leeds.

Closing date:

How much can you apply for?

We aim to fund approximately three geographical place-based networks. Each network can apply for up to £500k to be spent over three years. This funding will be awarded to a lead organisation who be responsible for distributing the money to the rest of the network. This funding will pay for:

Core costs for each of the organisations involved (70%) e.g. 350k

Support to coordinate the network (20%) e.g. 100k

Any advisory support / organisational development / capacity building that you might need (10%) e.g. 50k

All budget lines that are applied for should ultimately support the network to achieve the goals and aims of the fund. These percentages are a rough guide and final sums will be decided with you if your application is successful.