Do Your Own Thing!  - Course Starting Thursday 30th June

Who Is This For? Do Your Own Thing! is aimed at women who are not working or in education for a variety of reasons. Examples would include: • ill-health (physical and/or mental) • carers for children or family members • Lack of opportunities in the job market • Lack of success in job applications If you are long-term unemployed, economically inactive and face barriers to working, self-employment could offer you a real chance to be part of the labour market. We will work with you on your confidence, motivation and business ideas so that you are prepared to be self-employed.

What’s It About? We will support you to start your own business through a series of group training sessions and one-to-one coaching and support meetings. The programme will be delivered online and we can provide support to overcome any IT or technology issues. Our programme will be up to 20 weeks long and you will be expected to engage with us for this period. The programme will consist of 14 weekly sessions with up to 10 delegates in each session. A personal development coach will run some of the sessions, whilst a qualified business coach will run the rest. The programme will also feature 3 one-to-one sessions where we can offer personal support to make your idea a reality.

What’s Covered in The Programme?

We will work with you on your confidence, motivation and business ideas so that you are fully prepared to be self-employed by the end of the programme. Here’s what we will cover: 1. Building self-confidence 2. What being self-employed entails 3. Developing a successful business mindset 4. Generating Business Ideas 5. Legal information and Identifying your market 6. Managing your time effectively and work-life balance 7. Managing stress and building pesonal resilience 8. Planning & Budgeting 9. Managing the Money 10.Building assertiveness and better communication 11.Marketing 12. Perfecting your Elevator Pitch 13.Promoting your business using social media 14.Pulling It All together. 

What Will It Be Like?

All workshops will be informal with lots of opportunity for discussion. You will leave with a personal development action plan to take forward on each given subject. This will build up into a working Business Plan so that you can set up your own business and have gathered the tools you need throughout the course. We will hold at least 3 one to one sessions with you to really concentrate on your idea and look at next steps which could be further market testing, training to gain the necessary qualifications you need or taking the plunge and registering as selfemployed! We expect everyone will get at least 34 hours of contact time, including group sessions and one-to-one time spread throughout the duration of the course.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

This programme is FREE for eligible participants To join you must be: • A woman • Not in employment or education • Have UK residency or a work-permit • Living in West Yorkshire You will be: • Supported to manage your time • Expected to sign an informal contract and commit to the programme • Given the confidence to start your own business • Given a realistic overview of what self-employment looks like. 

How Do I Find Out More or Join The Programme? Contact us to apply or for an informal chat: Louanne Roberts: Tel: 07980 292146 Email: Helen Hoyle: Tel: 07703 144384 Email: